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Jean-Luc Entry: 461Location: Belgium  Thursday, 17. September 2009 13:46Terry,

Mike Dunford said in an interview “We hope to do more touring next year”. You can read it here:


Could we dream of an European leg of the Renaissance tour – with you behind the drums?

That would be nice.

RichardG Entry: 460Location: Meirionnydd Thursday, 17. September 2009 08:10Terry, sorry to hear you are not involved in Renaissance 2009. Are there any plans for a follow-up to “South of Winter” ?
Michael Entry: 459Location: LaPlata MD USA Saturday, 12. September 2009 21:52I don’t know why the captcha code didn’t take so here I go again trying to remember what I just posted.

Hi Terry sorry to hear that you won’t be making the trip over to this side of the pond to jouin the revival tour. I can understand why JT would not be there based on his recent heart attack. I heard from my sources that JT is doing well on his recovery except I heard he is still smoking.

Terry you and I go back a long ways. When the 1970’s incarnantion made it to the states the band opened up for JF Murphy and Salt at “My Fathers Place” in Long Island NY and then the many times at the now demolished NY Academy of Music (palladium). I used to work there for the promoter the Late Howard Stien and then Ron Delsener. You and JT were to me the most open and friendliest of the band. Mick was also.
I also remember meeting Betty Thatcher-Newsinger the 1st time the band played and sold out Radio City Music Hall

If you or anyone else would like to contact me I can be reached at [email protected]


I have now copied this text in case it does not go through and don’t have to type it again LOL
Terry Sullivan Entry: 458Location: London Friday, 11. September 2009 05:22Hi Mike,
I know that there are rumours circulating with regards to a reunion tour. However I can confirm that, John Tout Jon Camp and myself are NOT on this tour.
We wish Annie and Mike all the Best….
Mike Johnson Entry: 457Location: Melbourne Australia Saturday, 29. August 2009 02:48Terry,

I see an announcement on the NL site that Annie and Michael will be joined by some special friends for a series of shows as Renaissance 2009. Hopefully yourself, JC & JT are those friends.
Pamela Brown Entry: 456Location: new york   Wednesday, 29. July 2009 21:40Terry- You may remember me. I am the artist who designed the covers for Novella back in 1975. I have been a fine arts painter for the last 25 years. Lately, I have started an artisan baking company called “pammycakes’ (see me on facebook ) I was trying to look up Michael Dunford- blast from the past, as I will be in Paris in october for a visit with friends. Is he still in Surrey/London?? My love to you and hope to hear from you- pammy PS. I still have all the original sketches and portraits from Novella. Amazing.
RichardG Entry: 455Location: Meirionnydd Tuesday, 26. May 2009 13:13A new version of the “Song of Scheherazade” DVD has now been made available by Cherry Red.

Terry, in December 2007 you mentioned the possibility of a project with John Tout and Jon Camp. Having loved “South of Winter” it would be really good news if you had something else similar in the pipeline, especially if both John & Jon (and Betty ?) were involved. Can you tell us if there has been any progress ?
mike Entry: 454Location: usa, near St louis, Tuesday, 12. May 2009 21:52Good to see you are still going at it. Saw the band several times. The best in support of “Song for all Seasons”. Quite a magical night with the back drop and fog. Still listen, and still get goosebumps. The music was often majestic, something that doesn’t happen all too often. Keep it up.
Jose cruz Entry: 453Location: Chile Tuesday, 5. May 2009 18:12Hi Terry, nice to see the website working again. Are there any news related to your project with jon Camp?? Pls keep us informed .

Bye and warm regards,
Lou Entry: 452Location: UK Saturday, 4. April 2009 18:36Hey great to see the site back on….wevé missed ya……