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  • Radio Interveiw (3:51 pm, 14 June, 2005)
    Terry is scheduled for the 21st of june (see émissions à venir. )

    In France it will be 04:00 in the morning.
    For those in UK it will be 03:00 in the morning.
    For those in New-York it will be 22:00 the 20th of june.

    If you are in UK, Italy, Spain, Belgium or North Africa, you can hear France-Inter on the radio, in long waves, at 162 kHz.

    To listen live on the Net, click on “Ecouter en direct” on one of the pages linked above.

    More details at the page Comment nous écouter ?.

    The show will also be archived on the Sous les étoiles exactement page, .. but no more than 24 hours.
    This Information is thanks to Jean-Luc.
  • Radio Interview (12:56 am, 9 June, 2005)
    Hi to all those that tuned in,
    just to let you know, Luc Marianni has informed me that Radio France will broadcast the Show on June 14th at the same time same place.
    Sorry for the confusion, Radio France had their wires crossed.
    Love and Peace
  • Another radio Interview (2:17 pm, 2 June, 2005)
    Chris and I are doing another radio interview on Radio France on Friday 3rd June at 04.00 (ET). The link is . The Interview is conducted by Serge Levaillant.
    And a jolly time was had by all. If you missed any of these I will try to get some clips up on this site soon including some photos as well.
    Love and Peace,
  • Radio Interveiws (9:53 pm, 24 May, 2005)
    I thought you might like to know I will be in Paris {France} on the 27th of May with that great Renaissance supporter and DJ Luc Marianni.
    Christine and I will be on his show dedicated to Renaissance and my present project Renaissant. We will be Chatting about the good ole days with the band and my new Album South of Winter all to a back drop of Renaissance and Renaissant track’s, I can’t wait! You will be able to hear this if you tune into
    on the 27th at 21.00(ET)
    Also on the 28th I will be appearing on the Herve Bommel show Eclectique at 8.00(ET)
    And another one to be annonced. I hope you can tune in, I’m sure it will be lots of fun.
    I will be updating the news page as soon as I get back. Love and Peace,
  • South of Winter (6:22 pm, 10 January, 2005)
    It’s been to long since I last had the chance to speak to you all. These last couple of years Chris and I have had a lot of upheaval in our lives.As you know I was recording the Album South of winter in a studio that I put together in a building at the back of my cottage, well I had just finished laying the tracks when the fates conspired for me to sell my house and move on. So we dismantled the studio put our furniture in storage and said a tearfull goodbye to our lovely neighbours and our cottage where we had spent many happy and musically productive years. The Predicament facing us now was we desperatly wanted to finish the album but the studio wasn’t usable for a few month’s. SO Chris and I our two dog’s Jemma and Jake and of course my guitar travelled south for the Winter and ended up in the South of Spain. Whilst there I linked up with the Jazz pianist Christian Robinson spending many happy hours talking about music. The Countryside of Spain was Beautifull and inspiring so of course I took time out to write a couple of songs with lyrics by Betty so it was time well spent. Of course not all our stay there was a bed of roses, Unfortunatley Jake our Labrador had very bad arthritis he was in his fourteenth year and had developed great pain so we had to say a very sad goodbye to him, and then to add to our misery we lost he’s life long gal Jemma to Cancer.”we headed back to Britain” and set up the studio in a rented flat in London Whilst setting about finishing the Album. Steve and Jasmine rodgers from Boa Called by and added some Guitar and vocals to a couple of tracks, we added a few backing vocals and then Lee and I mixed the whole thing, so Finally the project had come to it’s conclusion. I didn’t want to take the usual route and call it Terry Sullivans renaissance so Chris searched through the Thesurus and found Renaissant and we decided on that. No one can tell what the future will bring but with the release of the Album on this site within the next few days I’m feeling really positive. It was made with Love through two very contrasting years, and with Christine Betty,John and all the other Great musicians on the Album I can only say Hope you like it. Love And Peace,
  • STUDIO DIARY (5:41 pm, 6 May, 2003)
    well this is my first entry with the diary of events happening in the studio with the album “South of Winter”.
    So to bring you up to date I’ll start at the beginning.
    The tracks are all down in pretty much their completed form with just a few touches and vocals to add, We have 50 minutes of music, 9 songs in all, I wrote 60% with Betty (Thatcher) Newsinger, one song Lee provided the chorus and the rest I wrote on my ownsome, mainly on rainy afternoons and Sunday mornings(maybe melancholy has something to do with it). The recording though has been a different matter altogether, with many long days and nights in the studio, which on the one hand made me long for the good ol days with Renaissance when we had engineers to take care of the sound and tape Ops to make us a nice cup of tea. Yet on the other this has been a realisation of a dream that started with the writing of the intro to “Song for All Seasons” and then later “Forever Changing” for Renaissance.
    In 1996 I moved to a 17th century cottage with an outbuilding, that my friends politely call the studio, so after a couple of back breaking months sound proofing and then another couple on the biggest learning curve of my life equiping and then reading what seems like a trillion words on how to use the equipment things were ready, I went down the pub and considered my next move.
    I now had the space, and the support of my family Christine, Lee and Kristian.
    Betty sent me some of her uniqe lyrics and John Tout came for the weekend and ended up staying a couple of weeks, recording some beautiful piano whilst here.
    Alex Caird who plays in the band BOA (SEE LINKS) with Lee and who played on the last Renaissance studio album “Tuscany” with me,laid down some mean Bass as did my brother Derrick a stalwart of the English rock scene. Kristian who had been playing with the band Popov, added guitar and surprised me with his inventive and fresh approach to the songs, so he was in. Lee not only a very talented drummer but also an accomplished pianist and string arranger found time in his busy schedule to help every step of the way.
    Then to my great joy, Martin Orford (IQ Jaddis) was a late but very welcome addition, adding flute and string arrangements to the song “Wings of a Dove” (One of the nice men in the business)
    Christine had been singing the songs to give me a vocal line to help build the songs around, at this point I hadn’t yet decided on whether the vocalist should be male or female, although the general feel and the lyrics did point to a female vocalist. I love Christines voice and did think that this would be a perfect opportunity for us to create something with love together, and thankfully my thoughts were confirmed when two of my good friends Russ Elliot and Dave Owen came to visit, we had a wonderful day in the forest, then later I played them some demos they both liked Christines voice so much they suggested I keep this format. So the line up for the album was now complete, and work would begin in earnest.
    The album will be released later this year but you’ll be able to hear some sound bytes from the album some of which I feel have the spirit of Renaissance running through them, (they do after all have three of the six people from the group involved in their creation)after I have spoken to Mark Elliot the man behind my web site and arranged the downloads.
    I’ll also be posting up some photos in the Gallery real soon, and as things progress I’ll let you know through this page.

    Keep following the path of peace.

  • Update (2:15 pm, 26 March, 2003)
    and welcome to the first news letter of 2003. Well the site has been up and running now for five months or so and I’d like to thank all of you who have taken the time to write with your comments questions and best wishes, Its been a pleasure.
    In response to those of you requesting information regarding the new album
    “South of Winter” I thought maybe we could have a bit of fun with a diary, giving progress updates, descriptions of the songs, and on the gallery page photos of the players involved in the recording. As were now so near the final stages I’ll endeavour to get this started as soon as possible.
    Also watch out for the MP3 download from this site of the album track “Burning my Bridges”
    featuring Christine singing the lyrics of
    Betty Newsinger (Thatcher), accompanied by the piano playing of John Tout, there will be more news of this soon.
    All the best for now

  • Welcome! (12:12 am, 13 October, 2002)
    Hello and Welcome!

    This is really an exciting time for us here at the moment. With the completion of the album I’ve been
    recording with John Tout and various other guests coming upon us, the Renaissance live album Land Of
    The Rising Sun
     being released in Europe through GEP Records and my ongoing work with Batts Music producing
    some wonderful sounds, I’ve never felt better or more positive about the future.

    This website is intended to keep the line of communication open between me and my friends around the world.
    I will be keeping you up to date with the progress of the album. Here you can read about my work, past and
    future. Our image gallery has a trip down memory lane. We’ve provided several means to keep in contact: our
    site updates/news page will keep you abreast of all the latest information; the discussion board is there to
    encourage people around the world to share views with each other; e-mail contact information is also

    Visit often; there will be surprises galore! Enjoy.